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How to Put Sound into Your Car

Many people like to listen to songs while driving their cars. However, the speakers which are installed within a car I usually fairly poor. They are hidden behind the dashboard and the acoustics often suffers from vibrations which are caused by the plastic dashboard.

Also, the standard equipment usually doesn’t have a dedicated amplifier and instead relies on an amplifier which is built into the car stereo. Such an amplifier typically does not offer more than 10 W of power. However, given that there is significant noise while driving the car, you will not be able to drive you speakers very loud and thus the sound quality is going to suffer.

However, even though I would recommend blasting your car with music while driving for safety reasons, it still makes sense to upgrade the sound equipment. The upgrade starts with replacing the speakers. When replacing the speakers, you should remove the old speakers …

Tips for Increasing the Wireless Range of Audio Transmitters

Audio transmitters are in neat type of product for streaming audio between two locations without running long cables. They have become more popular with the introduction of reliable digital transmission technologies. However, these digital technologies have certain limitations when it comes to wireless range. In contrast to analog audio transmitters, digital products typically work perfectly within a certain range and then drop the signal completely.

However, there might be situations where you want to transmit from one location to a location that is far away. For example, transmitting to multiple rooms in your house poses a challenge is products. That is because the wireless signal will have to traverse walls. When traversing walls, the signal is attenuated which means that the actual range will decrease rapidly. Chances are that you will not be able to transmit to the location that you had in mind.

Therefore, you might want to consider some of these …

How to Get a Good Deal When Purchasing Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Unfortunately, Christmas season is over. That means that you probably have missed out on getting special deals on consumer electronic products such as wireless speakers and smart phones. If you are in the market for any of these products then they are still opportunities for you to get a good deal. Let me explain in the next few sections.

Amphony wireless speakers

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend visiting the manufacturer websites for purchasing products. In the example of wireless speakers shown at, I would not recommend purchasing directly from the manufacturer if you want to get a bargain. Usually, resellers are more flexible when it comes to pricing and the prices on the manufacturer webpage are usually the prices which are suggested to the retailers.

However, many retailers are offering their products online and therefore have to compete against other retailers. Oftentimes retailers will lower their prices far below the manufacturer suggested retail price. I …

Good-Quality Loudspeakers Don‘t Have To Break the Bank

A loudspeaker is certainly one of the most critical components within an audio system. The quality of the speaker itself often dictates the overall sound quality of his system. Therefore, I recommend allocating the bulk of your budget towards purchasing some decent-quality speakers. However, don’t go crazy. You don’t have to spend a bundle in order to achieve good sound quality.

There are some entry-level speakers on the market which do provide decent quality. As a rule of thumb, I would recommend spending about 50% of your overall budget on speakers. Then I would spend the remainder on purchasing the other components. However, some vendors may have package deals. They might bundle some good quality speakers with a decent amplifier for example. When purchasing these in the bundle, the cost of each individual component will go down. However, you might not end up with the ideal combination of components.

wireless outdoor speakers

I generally recommend purchasing …

How to Connect Some Speakers to Your Cell Phone

Cell phones have become more and more popular lately especially with the introduction of smart phones. Smart phones are able to do a lot more than traditional telephones ever could. These phones can run programs similarly to a computer. The latest generation of cell phones is adapting larger screens and thus arrival tablets. Only time will tell whether in the future there still will be separate devices or if everything is going to be integrated into a single device. The trend however indicates that everything is melting into one single device. One popular application of cell phones is listening to music. Many people have their personal music collection stored on the phone. That way while working or enjoying the outdoors people can still enjoy their favorite tunes.

wireless tv speakers

However, one limitation of cell phones has been the poor sound quality when using built-in speakers. That is not surprising given that the speakers hardly have …