Good-Quality Loudspeakers Don‘t Have To Break the Bank

A loudspeaker is certainly one of the most critical components within an audio system. The quality of the speaker itself often dictates the overall sound quality of his system. Therefore, I recommend allocating the bulk of your budget towards purchasing some decent-quality speakers. However, don’t go crazy. You don’t have to spend a bundle in order to achieve good sound quality.

There are some entry-level speakers on the market which do provide decent quality. As a rule of thumb, I would recommend spending about 50% of your overall budget on speakers. Then I would spend the remainder on purchasing the other components. However, some vendors may have package deals. They might bundle some good quality speakers with a decent amplifier for example. When purchasing these in the bundle, the cost of each individual component will go down. However, you might not end up with the ideal combination of components.

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I generally recommend purchasing components individually. That will give you the greatest amount of flexibility. Don’t be scared to visit your local dealer in order to test out several components. Mix and match different speakers with different amplifiers. Some amplifiers work well with particular speakers while others work well with other speakers. You might not actually need a dedicated amplifier all you want is equip a home theater system. Most modern home theater receivers have amplifiers built into the receiver itself. If you were to purchase separate amplifiers you would be hard-pressed to find amplifiers that offer a sufficient amount of channels. Most audio amplifiers on the market are stereo amplifiers which means they offer two channels.

Stay away from speakers that have a very small enclosure. While these speakers might look nice, they typically are lacking low-frequency components. That is the case with almost all speakers which are built into a tiny enclosure. Instead, I would recommend purchasing speakers that at least are bookshelf speakers. Ideally go for a-standing speakers. Those speakers will give you the best bass response. In a home theater setting, however, you might be able to get away with purchasing fairly small satellite speakers because the whole set up is complemented by a subwoofer. The subwoofer will make up for lack of bass response of the individual satellite speakers.

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I would recommend doing a listening test at your dealer. A listening test is the ultimate litmus test for any speaker. However, try to set up the speakers similarly to the environment that you have at home. Different environments will result in different sound.

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