How to Connect Some Speakers to Your Cell Phone

Cell phones have become more and more popular lately especially with the introduction of smart phones. Smart phones are able to do a lot more than traditional telephones ever could. These phones can run programs similarly to a computer. The latest generation of cell phones is adapting larger screens and thus arrival tablets. Only time will tell whether in the future there still will be separate devices or if everything is going to be integrated into a single device. The trend however indicates that everything is melting into one single device. One popular application of cell phones is listening to music. Many people have their personal music collection stored on the phone. That way while working or enjoying the outdoors people can still enjoy their favorite tunes.

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However, one limitation of cell phones has been the poor sound quality when using built-in speakers. That is not surprising given that the speakers hardly have any room to reside in. The designers of cell phones are fairly restricted in space. Alternatively to using the built-in speakers, people often use headphones or earbuds. Others prefer listening to music over regular loudspeakers. Loudspeakers can actually connect fairly easily to a cell phone.

If you have a pair of active speakers then all you need is a cable that has a headphone plug on one end and RCA plugs on the other end. Then plug the RCA plug into your cell phone and the other and into the RCA inputs of the speakers. If you are using regular loudspeakers, on the other hand, then you cannot connect the cell phone directly to the speakers. Don’t even bother making an adapter cable because you will damage your cell phone. You will need a power amplifier in between your phone and your speakers. The amplifier is connected similarly by using an adapter cable. The speakers then connect to the amplifier via speaker cables. There are some very small amplifiers out there that can easily be hidden behind the speaker.

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However, this method has one disadvantage. Every time you bring your cell phone you have to plug in a cable. Over time this method can actually wear out the connector of your phone. Therefore, I recommend instead using wireless Bluetooth speakers. If you phone can stream music via Bluetooth then setting up speakers that can stream music is fairly simple. However, you will need to pair the speakers. This process is usually described fairly well in the user manual that comes with the speakers. Some speakers also have the instructions printed on them. You will have to go into the menu of your cell phone that deals with wireless connections in particular Bluetooth. If you’re not very familiar with that menu and are not able to make them work by using the instructions from the user manual then I suggest you visit your local cell phone retailer which will be able to assist you.

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